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Driving Lessons in Thetford

Are you looking for a reliable driving school in the Thetford Brandon Barnham Wretham Hockham area? Then look no further than Flying Colours.

Flying Colours is a top quality local driving school with an experienced DVSA registered instructor.

We have high first time driving test pass rates.

Our enjoyable driving lessons in Thetford will help give you the practical skills you need to become a confident road user. No matter where you are based within the Thetford Brandon Barnham Wretham Hockham area, we will be able to provide a friendly, informative and stress-free learning environment.

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Skills Covered

  • Cockpit Drill
  • Car Instruments
  • Car Controls
  • Show/Tell Question
  • Mirrors
  • Moving Car Forward
  • Stopping Car
  • Safe Road Positioning
  • Signals/Indicators
  • Anticipation and Planning
  • Speed
  • Other Traffic
  • Pedestrians
  • Junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Manoeuvres
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Emergency Stop
  • Sat Navigation
  • Follow Signs and Directions
  • Hill Starts
  • Angle Starts
  • Mock Test
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Driving Syllabus


The number of lessons required to pass the driving test varies from person to person.

On average it normally takes from 35 to 45 hours to be ready for your practical test so if you are taking two hours a week you should be ready to take your driving test in about 5 to 6 months.

My goal is to help each pupil pass their test with the minimum number of lessons.

I will always keep a driving record of the date, hours and what you achieved on your lesson.

Don’t worry if on your first lesson you have never driven before I will drive us to a quiet area where there is not much traffic.

You will only be asked to drive from home or back when you feel confident, we will always go at your pace.

This is what you will learn on your driving lessons.

Cockpit Drill

This is everything you need to check before you start the car.

Remember DSSSM

  • Doors
  • Seat
  • Steering
  • Seatbelt
  • Mirrors
Car Controls and Instruments
Know how to use the buttons and switches.
Basic Car Controls
  • Foot controls
  • Accelerator
  • Foot brake
  • Clutch
  • Hand controls
  • Handbrake
  • Steering wheel
  • Indicators
  • Gear stick
Moving Off and Stopping

In your test you will stop and move off again quite a few times.

You will learn how to use the MSM (PSL) routine

  • Mirror - use your mirrors to check the position of traffic around and behind act on what you see.
  • Signal - show others what you intend to do in good time.
  • Manoeuvre - a change in speed or position.
  • Position - your car correctly for the move you want to make.
  • Speed - adjust your speed so it is safe to carry out the manoeuvre.
  • Look - have a final look to check it is safe before you steer.
Safe Road Positioning

Generally, you will need to be able to keep a safe central position in your lane.

Positioning also means making good decisions to deal with hazards.

Use of Mirrors

Is one of the biggest things your examiner will look out for.

You need to be aware of the areas your mirrors can not see (blind spots)

You will need to check your mirrors regularly and check blind spots at the correct times and act on what you see.

You should use mirrors before:

  • Signalling
  • Changing speed
  • Changing direction

Let other drivers and pedestrians know your intentions to prevent confusion.

Anticipation and Planning

Always expect the unexpected!

You will need to show you can spot potential hazards and how you deal with them in plenty of time.

Anticipate what other drivers are potentially going to do and plan your actions.

Be considerate to other road users like motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Use of Speed

Speed is not dictated by the official speed limit.

It’s a limit not a target, use your own judgement of weather/traffic/road conditions.

You must be able to stop in the distance you can see clear ahead of you.

Other Traffic

How you interact with other drivers is a big factor in road safety.

Being able to use anticipation and planning to judge what others are going to do is especially important.


You will learn how to approach different types of junctions safely using the MSPSL routine.


At roundabouts you usually need to move to the left for exits left and straight ahead and right for right exits.

Unless road markings tell you otherwise.

You need to be able to maintain that position all the way around the roundabout.

This is called lane discipline veering out of your lane can be extremely dangerous.

Signals are very important as you need to indicate to show your intentions.

You need to indicate if you are turning left or right and not at all if going straight over.

Planning your move is important do you need to slow down or stop for vehicles approaching from the right.

Pedestrian Crossings
  • Pelican - button for green or red man
  • Toucan - bikes and pedestrians
  • Zebra - slow down and be ready to stop when there are people waiting.
  • Puffin - can sense when there are people crossing.
  • Pegasus - have an extra high button for people crossing on horseback.
Dual Carriageways

2 Or sometimes 3 lanes of traffic going each way.

Important things to learn are

Speed limits

How to join and leave the carriageway

Judgement when overtaking.

Safety when changing lanes.


On your test you will be required to carry out one of the following manoeuvres

Driving forward into a parking bay between the lines and reversing out.

Parallel park

Pulling up on the right-hand side reversing back 2 car lengths.

Reversing into a parking bay.

All manoeuvres will be practiced to standard so on your driving test you can confidently carry out what manoeuvre you are asked to do.

Top tip on manoeuvres

Take your time

Observations are important be aware of things going on around you.

Keep control of the car slow is good.

Accuracy finish close to the kerb or between the lines in a bay.

Emergency Stop

One in 3 tests there will be a requirement to carry out the emergency stop.

You will need to show you can react quickly to the instruction.

You can use brake and clutch to bring the car to a controlled stop.

Secure the car safely/ Handbrake/Neutral.

Move away safely.

Sat Nav

4 out of 5 tests you will be asked to follow the sat nav for 20 minutes this is half of your test time.

You will learn how to follow the sat nav and be fully prepared for your test day.

Follow Signs and Directions

1 in 5 tests are required to follow road signs and directions from the examiner we will also be practicing this on your lessons, so you are prepared if you are asked to do this on your test.

Show/Tell Question

Before the test starts you will get asked one 'tell me' question about the vehicle. For example, how do you check your engine oil?

During the Driving Part of the Test

You will be asked a 'show me' question whilst moving e.g how do you switch on your dipped headlights.

I will prepare you for all the questions you could be asked.

Hill Start

You will be asked to carry out the hill start.

Using good clutch and accelerator control, observations and releasing the handbrake at the correct time you will master the hill start.

Angle Start

You will be asked to pull up before a vehicle one car length away then asked to drive on safely around it.

Mock Tests

Once we are feeling confident in your ability to drive independently it’s time to start mock tests.

This will give you some experience of what to expect on the day of your practical test.

All these routines will be learnt during your lessons to prepare you for your driving test.

Doing your lessons in Bury St Edmunds you will be able to get familiar with the local roads and test routes.

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